Websites & Such

Websites can be confusing things

From designing to building to hosting and maintaining them, they’re a headache waiting to happen.
I created Damfino to make things easier.


You want a website? Of course you want a website. Websites are cool and you want to be cool don’t you? With a website you can make your mark on the internet and let the world know you’ve arrived


Looking after your own website is like looking after your own car or house. Yes you can do it yourself, but all the cool kids get other people to do the hard stuff.


If you want a website, you’ll need hosting space to put it in. Forgot to price it up? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


Damfino is run by me. Handsome eh? This site is the new central point for all the web services I offer including website design, maintenance and hosting.

I was fed up with my pedestrian website and wanted something that better reflected what I was about. Gary was able to interpret my vague requests into a website that has my character all over it. I’m usually too lazy and forgetful to look after the updates and it’s a relief to know that the integrity and security of my site will never be in danger thanks to his vigilance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Damfino to anyone looking for a patient, creative and fastidious designer.

Nettie Thomson

Writer, poet, crafter and poodle wrangler

Gary has hosted my website and help me do the behind the scenes work since 2013. He is incredibly responsive, helpful and willing to advise on little or large issues which arise from time to time. My website is complex and thanks to Gary’s support it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Juliet Robertson

Education Consultant, Creative STAR Learning Ltd

Gary is our frequent saviour, amazingly fast to respond and sort things out. And he built us a great website, eternally patient with all our idiosyncratic demands.

Anne Wareham

Gardener and writer, Veddw House Garden

Gary has the ability to understand my garbled messages about tech problems I’m having and help me out in a way that I can understand. His services have been invaluable in keeping my website properly updated and running smoothly. He is ace.

Lily Horseman

Forest School Trainer, Kindling Play and Training

Gary with his knowledge, expertise, advice and helpfulness, was a choice I have every confidence in recommending. He held my hand and guided me through a transition updating web site process. I am ever so pleased with my new brighter, cleaner and easy to navigate website. My customers and visitors also commented on the new website very favourably.

George Pilkington

Ecologist, Environmental Educationist, Researcher and Inventor, Nurturing Nature

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