Peace of Mind

Updates, backups and general maintenance  are essential to keeping your site safe, secure and up to date. But it can be overwhelming.
Don't get bogged down trying to learn all the technical stuff.
Leave it to me.

Website Monitoring

I’ll keep an eye on your website and make sure it’s up, running and available to be viewed at all times

A well maintained website shouldn’t cause you any problems, but computers can sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. With your website being monitored, I can be made aware of any issues right away. I can then try to get things working again before any major problems take hold.

I’ll be making sure your site is available and online as well as running regular security checks. I can also check for available updates and make sure the software being used on your site is properly supported.

Your site runs on WordPress, the most popular blogging software on the internet with over 19,500,000 users. That’s 30% of the entire internet running on WordPress! But the people at Automattic don’t rest on their laurels. They’re hard at work with regular updates. Most of these updates are security patches and keeping your site updated is vital in the fight to keep your site secure. Some updates add a whole new level of functionality and you’d hate to miss out on that. It’s like getting a new box of toys!

I’ll make certain that your WordPress installation is kept up to date at all times, as well as making sure those updates don’t break your site.

Wordpress Updates

Keeping your WordPress installation updated means you’ll always have the latest, most secure version running

Plugin Updates

Plugins keep your WordPress website looking good and running right. Updates also keep them secure

Plugins are the secret weapon of WordPress allowing users to add functionality to WordPress whenever they need to. But like your main WordPress installation, it’s vital to keep them up to date.

Most plugin updates are security updates, but they also might need to updated to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress update. A suddenly incompatible plugin could ruin your site.

I’ll keep an eye on your plugins, update them as necessary and let you know if they need replacing.

Your WordPress website is made up of two main components:

  1. Files – This includes your theme, plugins, images and other uploads
  2. Database – This contains the actual contents of your site such as posts, pages and comments

Keeping these backed up means that, should the worst happen, we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Your database will be backed up each week as this is the content of a site, especially a blog, can change often. Your files will be backed up twice a month as they are less likely to change very often. All backups are stored offline on a secure disk drive.

File/Database Backups

Regular backups of your database and files mean your website can be recovered quickly should the worst happen


Help & Advice

When you just can’t make your site do what you want it to, I’ll be on hand via email to answer your questions so you can learn as you go

Learning to use your site is half the fun of the thing. But it can sometimes feel like your site is working against you. But don’t fret, I’ve got your back and I’ve been working on WordPress sites since 2009.

If you find you just can’t get your site to do what you want it to do, I’m just an email away. I can advise and talk you through whatever WordPress problems you’re having and you can learn as you go.

There’s always something that needs doing on your site whether it’s updating a photo, changing a phone number or address, adding a new member of staff or bringing in a new colour scheme. Simple little jobs that you might not always find the time for. After all, you’re probably trying to run your business.

No problem. Each month, you’ll get an hour of my time included in your Maintenance Package.

Just send me a short to-do list and I’ll get to it.

Of course there are limitations. You can’t carry over your hours so use them or lose them. And anything more than basic changes to your site will not be covered. So if you need a new section/complicated page adding to your site or a large plugin setting up, there’ll be extra charges.

Basic Customisation

Every website has some small regular jobs that need taking care of. With 1 hour of work per month included, I can take care of them for you